Tattoo Kits

All About Tattoo Kits

Hollywood stars are the major trendsetters for the whole world. Be it the latest dress worn by Harry Belly or the shoes worn by little Suri Cruise the world goes gaga over these trends and they become an instant hit worldwide. Tattoo inking is the latest fashion of the industry. From Angelina Jolie to Mike Tyson everyone is crazy about tattoos. There isn’t a field where tattoo inking is not gaining popularity and the most surprising thing is that it is proving to be great hit even among the common mass. In such a scenario tattooing as a business is sure to flourish and prosper each passing day.  Varieties of tattoo kits are available which eases the task of tattooing and a novice can become a professional in matter of few days.

Tattoo kits for beginners

Which kit to buy

Not all the tattoo kits available in the market are meant for novices or beginners.  The tattoo kits are designed based on various levels of experience. For a beginner the recommended kit would be the one having at least 3 tattoo guns. As a novice the artist will find it difficult to outline, shade and colour the tattoo using the same gun. If more than 2 guns are available he/she can work uninterruptedly.

Extra accessories needed

For the ease of the artist most kits are accompanied with a fake skin so that they can practice and make errors on the fake skin instead of the customer skin. Working on a fake skin is extremely important as it boosts the confidence of the artist and the artist can try their creativity on the fake skin first before working on the actual skin.


Tattoo kits for professionals

The best kits for professionals are cast iron tattoo gun kit and professional tattoo kits with dual LCD output. These kits offer precision and accuracy making the tattoo look beautiful. The benefit of a dual LCD screen is that it enhances productivity and efficiency, but reduces the power required to operate the gun. A good finish and final touch-up to the tattoo can easily be done by these kits. Various other types of kits which are widely available in the market includes  3-9 guns kit and based on the capabilities and creativity of the artist any kit can be chosen.


Various Parts of the tattoo kit

Tattoo Gun - The various types of tattoo gun available are

  • Liner tattoo gun- creates a line in one single pass.
  • Rotary tattoo gun- can be used to create either lines or shaders depending on the needle used.
  • Coil tattoo gun- Most widely used guns which can create either lines or shaders, but not both.
  • Shader tattoo gun- mainly used for sculpting lines and shade black in the tattoo.

Needles - The needle is used to insert the ink into the first layer of the skin so that the tattoo becomes permanent. The various types of needles available are

  • Round liner – round in shape and can be used for thin and thick outlines.
  • Round Shader – round in shape and can be used for thin and thick shades.
  • Round curve magnum – has two rows and the needles have an arch between them to prevent hurting the skin when tattooing.
  • Stacked magnum – has two rows and is mainly used to fill colours in the tattoo.


The needles need to be disinfected to prevent any type of contamination. An infected needle can even spread HIV. Therefore, it is essential for the artist to either use disposable needles or use autoclaves to sterilize the needle.  Sterilized needles are also available.

Tattoo Ink - The tattoo ink makes the tattoo look colourful and vibrant in nature. A colourful tattoo appeals to the eye much more than a lined tattoo.  Various colours are available most popular being black (mainly for outline), red, yellow and blue.

Tattoo Grip – The grip is the interface between the gun and the tip. The artist creates the tattoo holding this grip.

Tattoo Transfer and supplies -  The supplies include palette black ink cup holders, adjustable tools, tube brush set, anti-scar cream, fake practice skins, transfer paper with transfer oil and stencils to draw the tattoo. These supplies make tattooing a pleasant experience both from the perspective of the user and the recipient.

How to Apply Tattoo

The steps involved for applying a tattoo using the tattoo kit is as follow

  1. Select the appropriate design on the stencil. Use the transfer oil to transfer the tattoo on the desired body area. The oil makes this task easy.
  2. Before using the liner tattoo gun to create a line remember to apply the anti-scar cream.
  3. After the lining is over, use the shader gun to shade and fill the apt colour in the gun to make the tattoo look attractive and appealing.
  4. Apply the anti-scar cream again and cover the newly made tattoo with a thin plastic film to prevent infection of the skin.
  5. Cover the tattoo for at least 4-5 hours before cleaning the tattoo area with warm water. After cleaning the area, apply the anti- scar cream again.


Precautions for the artist

  • As far as possible use sterilized or disposal needles to prevent infection.
  • Clean the hands with soap before applying the tattoo and if possible wear gloves.
  • Store the waste in biological bags to prevent infection from spreading.
  • Use inks that are designated for tattooing purpose.


Precautions for the Recipient

  • Keep the tattoo clean by using warm water. Avoid extremely hot or cold water until the healing period is over.
  • Keep the tattoo away from the sun for at least a week or two.
  • Avoid wearing clothes that can stick to the tattoo thereby spoiling it.
  • Avoid soaking in Jacuzzis or spas until the healing process is over. Excessive use of water in this period can result in severe infection.
  • Use moisturizer to prevent itching.
  • Use anti-scar cream.

With the growing craze of tattoo worldwide it becomes essential as a tattoo artist to select the best tattoo kits available in order to satisfy each and every customer that visits the artist.